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Possible Violation of EULA

I got a message saying I was possibly violating the Eula.I think it’s because I made my TeamViewer account with my corporate email so I could control my personal computers.

I no longer use it but I don’t want to get sued for something I used right.
(if I don’t proved I used it right will I get sued)
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Re: Possible Violation of EULA

Hello @James6777 

Thanks for your post, and welcome to the TeamViewer Community!

The email you received is to inform you of potential commercial use flags or alerts in your TeamViewer system; there can be cases where TeamViewer incorrectly detects commercial use and limits your connectivity even though you don't violate the license conditions. 

If you received incorrect alerts for commercial use, you could have  our support team analyze the reset request here. However, if you receive no other alerts in the TeamViewer application, you can safely ignore the email. 

I hope this helps! 

Best Regards,

Josh P.
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