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Quickly provide remote support to a customer on repeated encounters

If I have a customer to whom I will provide support on a periodic/repeated basis, can TeamViewer be installed easily on their machine so that I can connect to them quickly without them having to download the QS module every time?  What do I tell them to do this?  Thank you.

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Re: Quickly provide remote support to a customer on repeated encounters

Hello @wrkmpls,

Thank you for your post.

If you are providing continuous support to a customer via the QuickSupport module. I recommend upgrading their device to a Host module.

With your license, you are able to build custom modules associated with your license; these can have your company logo, color scheme, and even more customizations! This also ensures the user appears in your Computers & Contacts list, and can even request support!

Note: The Host module provides unattended access in order to connect to a computer without requiring end-user participation. With the option 'Automatically add users to a group in my list', any user that installs the module will be added to your Computers & Contacts list automatically

1. Log in to the Management Console with your licensed account: https://login.TeamViewer.com
2. Once logged in, select Design & Deploy in the menu on the left hand side. Select ‘+Add Host’ on the top right.2019-01-30 17_37_15-TeamViewer Management Console.png
3. The edit window that appears will allow you to set various customizations
2019-01-30 17_38_24-TeamViewer Management Console.png

4. Once done with the customization, click Save. A new window will appear with a custom download link for the module. You may leave it the same or edit it with further customization. Once this is done your module is ready and you can place the link on a web page or send to as many users as you wish.2019-01-30 17_41_23-TeamViewer Management Console.png

Simply send the user the new link to download or install, or you can even install the Host module while connected via the QuickSupport module!

For more information on the various modules offered by TeamViewer, please see the following support article.

Hope this helps!

Josh P.
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