Posted by yhoque

Remote Control not an option

Hi I have two computers on my free version of Teamviewer and have been using it for years for looking up things for work while at home and vice versa. I recently do remember updating some settings but it looks like now my work computer only has the video call and presentation options, no remote control. What did i do to **bleep** this up?



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Posted by Natasha851

Re: Remote Control not an option

Please, could you check on the partner device the security options? 

Extras > Advanced > Advanced settings for connections to this computer > Then you can select the rights for connecting to this computer. 

Then also please have a look in the Advanced Settings of your machine but in the Advance settings for connections, to others computers.

If you have still the same issue on the partner device could you uninstall TeamViewer and please be sure to delete the saved settings and then reinstall it. 

I hope that will help,