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Remote Desktop Problems even with a paid plan?

I recently purchased a TeamViewer Business Plan.  I did so because TeamViewer suspected that I was using the software for commercial purposes.  While this was not the case, I didn't know what to do so I made the almost $500 purchase.  I have about 7 PCs in my family, and my android device.  Remote Desktop is all I want, but even with a paid Business Plan that I purchsed, I can no longer login to the desktop app to do this - something that could easily be done before for free.  I keep on getting a message that I have too many installations and the login attempt fails.  How do I fix this?

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Re: Remote Desktop Problems even with a paid plan?

Hi @DerekS70 

Thank you for your post.

It seems like you have reached the maximum license activation limits. Kindly follow the steps below for a possible solution please:

  1. login your TeamViewer account to TeamViewer Management Console;
  2. select Edit Profile from the top right corner;
  3. select the License tab from the popup windows, then you will be able to see the current devices which attached with your TeamViewr license;
  4. choose the TeamViewer ID which you would like to remove the license activation then click on the button of Deactivate
  5. After complete the steps above, you should be able to login your TeamViewer account on other device.

Hope the explaination is clear and helpful. If you would like to have individual assistance from TeamViewer Support Team, feel free to contact them via phone or ticket.

Best Regards