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Remote Printing Not Working

I have issues getting remote printing to work on a remote Server 2012 R2 installation.

It activates fine, but when I go to print anything (after I select the printer that start with "TeamViewer"), I dont get the usual window to select the local printer I want to use (its a TeamViewer window that say Choose action and I can select any of my local printers).

Other Windows Server 2012 work fine. I have uninstalled and re-installed TeamViewer but nothing changes.

Any ideas?

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4 Replies
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Re: Remote Printing Not Working

Hi @Manuel_PRTX ,

Thank you for your post.

With regards to the remote printing on the remote Server 2012 R2, we need to look into the issue individually.

Please submit a ticket so that we can assist you.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Best regards,


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Re: Remote Printing Not Working

As of today I was told that TV 14 and widows up date 1903 caused remote printing to not work and they (TV Team) says it is a known issues and "hopefully" will be fixed soon.  They will send me an e-mail on how to resolve this once they figure it out.

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Re: Remote Printing Not Working

Hi, same problem here.. Have you got a solution on it yet?

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Re: Remote Printing Not Working

The following works;

The good news is, there's somewhat of a workaround that'll still let you print your checks. I've tested it with a few people lately and it seems to work pretty well.

When you go to print something, you normally select your TeamViewer printer on the prompt. Instead of selecting your TeamViewer printer, select 'Microsoft print to PDF' or 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer'. This will save the check/document on the remote device, then you can use the TeamViewer file transfer to transfer it to your own device. This way, you're just printing the file locally from your own computer which does work.