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Posted by OmniAsk


I can't log in to a remote server using TeamViewer unless someone is logged in to the Windows user account. I've got it set-up for remote access, to start with windows. I have enabled enhanced multi-user support and granted full access control when a partner is connecting to the Windows logon screen.

However, when I check the UserID and ServerID, the two ID's are the same. In other words, the server ID is shown as "946 ABC XYZ" and the User ID is also "946 ABC XYZ".

Are they supposed to be the same? If not, how do I fix it?


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Re: ServerID

Hi @OmniAsk ,

Thank you for your post.

Server ID could be same as User ID. Theforer could you please reinstall TeamViewer with a administrator right in your situation. 

Hope this information will be helpful.