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TeamViewer 12 Features

Hi all

Today I'm asking every IT Admin/support about TeamViewer 12 Features. Maybe some one have detailed TV12 feature list with all possible scenarios and applications?

I'm asking this because my company needs to choose between TV12 and Dameware. And there for I’m looking all over the internet for every possible scenario and feature of TV12 that would cover and maybe even be better than Dameware. One main feature would be “wake-up”. What else? Please share your experience and interesting solutions that TV12 helped to cover that problem.

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Re: TeamViewer 12 Features

Hi @marcius3d

Did you already see this site: https://www.teamviewer.com/en/latest-version/

There are a lot of information about the feature of TeamViewer 12 incl. links to Community Blog articles (which are also describing use cases) and feature videos.

I am curious to see, if others have additional information, which can help you in your decision. (Well, I am sure, that TeamViewer will convince you :smileyhappy:)

Please feel free to ask your questions here in the community or call my colleagues in Sales.

All the best, Esther