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Re: TeamViewer ID Keeps Changing

This thread has been difficult to follow, mostly because the two most active participants (recently) seem to be ESL, and one of them insists on analyzing the psychology instead of the technology..

Here is how I see the issue:

  1. Sign Guy has a bunch of mini-PC's deployed in various places
  2. For no apparent reason, the TeaamViewer IDs on these systems change randomly.
  3. Sign Guy may or may not have remote access to other PC's on the same local LAN segment.


  1. We (mostly) all agree that, in a perfect world, the TV ID should never change
  2. We don't live in a perfect world, so it does happen.  Perhaps it is because of ID duplication or possibly because TV host thinks it has detected a hardware change
  3. It would be nice if TeamViewer Support would help by telling us the exact reason when an ID changes.  But, they have been reluctant to do that, for "security reasons".
  4. Sign Guy needs a way to prevent ID changes
  5. Sign Guy also needs a way to recover if an ID does change


  1. Avoid the use of cloning software when deploying new systems.
  2. Do not install TeamViewer Host over another remote access system, especially RDP..
  3. Make your TV Host system as stable as possible.  That might include removing or disabling all NICs except one, assigning static IPs instead of DHCP, and identifying any program that might alter timestamps on critical Windows folders,
  4. Enable RDP access to the machine.  Although RDP should never be used to install TeamViewer Host, it can be used to see the TeamViewer ID. 
  5. Install a script that reads the TeamViewer ID and reports it to a cloud server periodically.
  6. Ditch TV and install something else.  That are many (many) other products out there.
  7. Install a second host program in addition to TV.


  1. If you can't find an acceptable workaround, use another product.  Simple.


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Re: TeamViewer ID Keeps Changing

Same problem here. I thought I made a mistake a while ago when storing the Teamviewer ID's of about 6 Windows 2012 R2 servers in our password database because I couldn't connect anymore with the ID's. Logged in to each server via another way and found out the ID was different from what is stored in our password database. Fine, noted all ID's and stored them again in our password database. Did a check today, tadaaaaaah....ID's changed again. This is pretty problematic in a business environment. How can you not get such basic stuff right Teamviewer? Do you think I have time for this stuff?

We use a premium license btw.

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Re: TeamViewer ID Keeps Changing

and they want me to upgrade my Corporate v12 perpetual license to their v14 annual... ha! right...
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Re: TeamViewer ID Keeps Changing

This happened once on a server machine for a client. As a backup, I install DWSERVICE.NET and so far never had another issue as I'm able to log in via DWSERVICE. You create an account, then download the client and install. It's a bit basic but works as a web app and can do dual monitors, transfer of files and is for most part, free.

I do know that you can not clone a hard drive and expect to have the same ID. Also, virtual machines tend to be a problem.

When Teamviewer came out for me, it was version 7 and worked great. Problems started with Version 11 and up and got worst with subscripton based products.  I don't expect them to be free forever but the new pricing model prices me out of updating. 

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Re: TeamViewer ID Keeps Changing

The problem still exists in April 2019. And it is not related to cloning or HW changes at all. (Here are two small office PCs (Win) which are about 5 and 10 years old and the last HW change for one of them was a SSD several years ago).


I guess we are lucky, that we live in a perfect enough world that at least birthdays, social security numbers, number plates of cars etc. are not changing that randomly.


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Re: TeamViewer ID Keeps Changing

YES I confirm .. this is a huge issue for me as well .. and it is still happening .. April 29th 2019

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Re: TeamViewer ID Keeps Changing

This is a real problem for me too!

The ID's of my own licenced devices change too. I have virtually run out of moves now. So I am saving the moves for a single PC which I can use for remote support. The other "licenced PCs" spawn "commercial use suspected" messages and messegas on my customers devices "play fair" TV support "cannot" will not help me and are not prepared to reset my moves. So despite having a paid licence I am having to use it as a free product with all the messages! I have stressed the urgency of our position and am told that I will need to wait until the next renewal date in 6 months before I can reset the moves! I cannot beleive that TV have failed to address this issue for so many years! We will look at a Citrix alternative as this is unmanageable. The technology is available to more effectively tie the id into hardware id's! I really cant be bothered with this unacceptable stance any more!