Posted by makro86

TeamViewer LAN Connections from Android App - No Longer Working


Up until around the time TeamViewer 14 was released, I was able to use the Android app to connect to my PCs in my LAN, by typing in the LAN IP in the connect screen.

This no longer works. The app sits on the connecting dialog, and the PC I'm connecting to shows that I am connected, however has the wrong IP for my mobile client that is connecting. The IP appears to be for the cellular data connecton on the mobile (rmnet_data1), rather than the local WiFi IP my mobile has on my LAN (wlan0).

This appears to be an issue with the Android app correctly detecting the LAN Wifi IP address of my mobile. Other Android apps have similiar issues, so maybe something has changed with the Android OS with the way it enumerates network adapters?

Please see attached links to screenshots. Any help appreciated.