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Posted by jmm666

TeamViewer increases boot time

Hi, just wanted to mention that TV increases (my) boot time by exactly one minute right after the "Please wait" screen. I run Win7 Pro SP1 64 bits.
I had just installed TV and was happy to use it but then I noticed a really long wait when starting my machine. After uninstalling TV, booting was back to normal, i.e. instant.

I would love to use TV but this issue is unacceptable for me so I'll wait for it to (hopefully) be solved...

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Posted by Moderator Moderator

Re: TeamViewer increases boot time

Hello @jmm666,

Thank you for your message.

May I ask you which version of TeamViewer you are running on your Win7 machine?

Thank you in advance for your reply.



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Posted by jmm666

Re: TeamViewer increases boot time

Hi Jean,

I WAS using 14.2.2558.0. Am saying "was" because as I said I uninstalled it...