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Posted by b01marc

TeamViewer not allowing full control

Hello all,

I'm running the most recent install of TV on two devices both running the most recent version of Mac OS X Mojave Beta. After install and logging in, I set all permission to "Full Access" to be able to remotely control either of the devices, and both are set to have unnattended access as well.

When trying to run and contro the other computer, I am able to see the others Mac desktop screen, but cannot control anything at all, only see the screen. This is the same on both computers, neither being able to control one another.

Please advise.

3 Replies
3 Replies
Posted by WestTechNYC

Re: TeamViewer not allowing full control

I’m having a similar problem.
My setup has been working flawlessly up at Notik I upgraded to Mojave.
I can lt seem to click on anything in my Mac from any of my systems. But I am able to click everything on my Windows machine.
Any ideas? Is there some setting that could have gotten switched on or of by accident? Like Accesibility or privacy or some other obscure setting?
Posted by Mugwump

Re: TeamViewer not allowing full control

I have the same problem on eight iMacs adn a Macbook that I upgraded to Mojave. TV 13 (full version) works fine as long as the display is awake. If the display goes to sleep (based on setting in System Preference -> Energy Saver), I can connect with Remote Desktop, and see the client's display screen, but keyboard and mouse actions are not accepted by the remote client. I do not have this problem with Macs running High Sierra. 


Posted by gmcinalli

Re: TeamViewer not allowing full control

You can try to connect, then when you see the black screen disconnect, and then reconnect, now the monitor should have turned on and you can control your device successfully.