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Posted by felkr

Teamviewer Mass deployment Policies


we are a little bit angry because we have an Teamviewer Corporate Version and Roll out the Software over MSI and msiexec in Powershell. But no one tells us that with this method some of the Managment Policies are not working.

 The Automatic Update Policie is not working. We want to use this Policie to update Teamviewer 13.2 to Teamviewer 14.

Which Mass Deployment method do you use to deply Teamviewer Host? With which methods are all Policies working?


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2 Replies
Posted by felkr

Re: Teamviewer Mass deployment Policies

Hi Everyone,

has no one an idea how to Update Teamviewer. Are we really the only Company who wants to have all Teamviewer Host on the newest Version without manualy Update them?

In the Changelogs we see entries like "Minor improvements and fixes" and i want to have these improvments automaticly rolled out to all hosts. We pay for that Updates with our License!!

Please Teamviewer tell us how we can have all Hosts always on the newest Version. Without update them manually.




Posted by Moderator Moderator

Re: Teamviewer Mass deployment Policies

Dear @felkr,

Thank you for your post. 

I just talked to my colleagues about your case. Unfortunately, it is not possible to deploy the Host version via MSI and auto update. You have to redeploy every version via MSI manually. This is expected behaviour. 

I forwarded this feature request to our product management.

I'm not able to tell you, if or when this feature request would be implemented. But your feedback is really important, because we want to develop TeamViewer as close as possible to the wishes of our users.

For this reason, we are really happy about your suggestions.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again. 

I wish you a great weekend and all the best :)