Posted by starbearer

Teamviewer screen appears black when connecting from Windows to Linux (CentOs)

I have Teamviewer 15 installed on both Windows 10 and CentOs8. The CentOs8 machine is a full fledged sysytem with its connected monitor.

When I attempt to connect to CentOs8 from Windows, I am greeted with a black screen with nothing on it, the mouse actions are also restricted, any mouse action registers only on Firefox, clicking anywhere outside of it (assuing it goes outside browser area, since I cannot see the remote cursor), doesn't result in any action.

I've checked the settings of both machines, but I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. I am able to connect to the Windows machine from CentOs just fine though. Am I missing something?

I also considerd this link - 

 - but nothing seemed to fit.