Posted by adtyne

Unable to Login

Ive been unable to log into a teamviewer account for several weeks now as get a message telling me that the device hasnt been used before and to check my email, but unfortunatley no emails are never received.

This is not an issue with my end of the email service as there are no hits on my DNS server requesting the MX records for the domain during the relevant timeperiod, and no attemt at connecting to my SMTP server either so it's clearly a case of Teamviewer not even trying to send the emails.

I've had to sign up for another teamviewer account in order to post this message, using a different email address on a different domain for which I receive the messages, although both share identical DNS settings and use the same mailserver.

I really need to be able to access my original account as it has links for unattended access to several remote computers that I dont have easy physical access to without traveling hundreds of miles.

Hopefully somebody from Teamviewer will pick this post up and be willing to take a look at why their servers aren't sending me the emails.  Effectivley being locked out of an account because TV dont appear to be even trying to send emails that are part of the logon process is pretty rough and undermines faith in the product.

I might be willing to pay for an account, but cannot sign in with this one in order to upgrade and being locked out of this account feels like being held to ransom (no support unless you pay) which I am unable to pay (because we wont let you log in), Not exactly a great advert for your service.