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Updating Blues and Issues between OS versions.

Everything worked before until this week, because of beng blocked from use with old versions... i though this was happening in the beginning of December and not now. A lot is going wrong and happening with my life , like the studio I go to , closing and so on...I was hoping December because i would need to access computer webcam and iSentry to see how my cat is doing and how it is being fed and looked after by someone who offered to look after my cat while I am away in South Africa over Christmass holidays.

I updated the windows xp netbook's Teamviewer that is connected to my scanner at home,.. so I could still use that to ease my mobility issues with my broken back, when and if I need to scan my art, my doctor's letters... and DWP letters about my benefits. The netbook cant be updated because the scanner drivers only work in windows XP and Snowleopard.

I then updated my iOS app on my iPhone.. that made connecting to my netbook work... but still cant connect to snowleopard that i hook with iSentry to observe my cat when away from home, in town shopping or visiting doctors appointments (I have medical issues) and medical support groups.

I cant update my iPad running iOS8... because the screen has been replaced by third party, as i researched that updating iDevice with a third party screen repair might brick the device completely.

I installed it on my Mojave external drive on my Mavericks Macbook Pro (cant update any further than current version in Mavericks) So I would use the Mojave external drive to boot up from... to access the windows XP netbook+scanner on the opposite side of the room... I could not get windows Remote Desktop to work... and i dont feel like reformating it just to get windows remote desktop to work... fortunately Windows XP can have Teamviewer updated to latest possible version.. 

After setting up some things to work with the recent depressing changes .. I started getting "detected for commercial" use pop-ups with 5 minute time-outs again... argh...if that wasnt enouph already...

Which is the reason why i dont like updates in general... because things work... and then they dont work anymore because things change... 


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Re: Updating Blues and Issues between OS versions.

Hi @zwitterelfzana 

Thank you for your post.

As you have several devices in use, kindly visit Which operating systems are supported? for full and latest information about TeamViewer compatibility please. We encourage to Enjoy using the best version of TeamViewer we made so far! - How to proceed?.

Hope it helps to you.


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