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Posted by warmsmeallup

Which ports are used by TeamViewer?

I couldn't get into my Malwarebytes account to set up a new computer. I sent them a ticket to contact me. Several hours later, I received a call from "Malwarebytes to fix my account issue"...from india. I've never been scammed or downloaded any viruses. I was always vigilant. Though I was skeptical when they asked me to download TeamViewer, I thought it was far too cooincidental to be anything but Malwarebytes. (That's going to be a whole other posting later). 

The reason for this post is to make aware that scammers are using TeanViewer to connect to unknowing persons. TeamViewer needs to know this. The call came from india, of course. I didn't write down their access number to connect otherwise I could pass that back to TeamViewer to maybe track it back. They did set up a signin password and locked me out and wanted (2) Walmart Debit Cards for $500 to let me back in. I was lucky and knew what was happening when I saw the passweord setup screen come up on my computer and shut it down. I was able to restart using F8 and restore from only 3 days ago (whew!!) but BEWARE!

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2 Replies
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Re: Which ports are used by TeamViewer?

Hi warmsmeallup

Firstyl I am sorry this has happened to you.

Can you please email us at with as much information as you can about hte incident? We have a team set up to track this.

Also, there is a post by one of our Managers Eduardo that you may find useful.

I hope this helps.


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Posted by deleit

Re: Which ports are used by TeamViewer?

same thing happened to me recently and they demanded walmartone debit card of $500 from me too.