Posted by davide4

declaration of private use

I sent the declaration of private use on 02/25/19 and now to 04/08/19 I have not yet received a reply. Can anyone tell me how long to wait and if they really answer? thank you

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3 Replies
Posted by pv7721

Re: declaration of private use

@davide4 : they say they do, but in reality, who knows? I for one abandoned all hope, I still get nagged, even after sending the declaration

Posted by scvaldez

Declaration of Private use

I turned in a Declaration of Private use form today. How long does it take for it to be reviewed?

I use Teamviewer to monitor my son's laptop as he attends online public school. His ID was flagged for commercial use and we are trying to get it set back to a free account. 

Posted by ScratchMang

Re: declaration of private use

The Declaration is a pointless exercise IMHO. TV checks the source and destination IP Address, and if either one is from what they determine to be a "Commercial" IP then you get blocked, end of story. I've doen the same thing, actually got a reply indicating that my account was cleared for personal use and it kept happening. So I called and the reply was that because the machine I was using (At the University) was on a Commercial IP Address I was blocked. However if I were to use it form my Home to connect to my folks home PC I woudl not get the blocking warning.

So check the IP Address of the source and destination, IP2Location will give you a "Usage Type" which in my case is "(EDU) University/College/School" which TV considers to be Commercial and get's blocked...