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  my partner id number is fixed, v14, but at every system restart  it gets a new password.  I confess, complexity baffles me, but   I am certain that having to go to the partner teminal to write the newest password is not how this should work :-)


TV auto starts at refboot, works flawlessly  when I get logged in after chasing downthe password. , but the password is different depending on system restarts and opening the app   I don't much care what the password  generated is, but I need it to be consistent for true rermote, unattended access.   I am learning, and hope this one is simple  :-)


thanks in advane

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Re: lockpassword

Hello @jmbrush,

Thank you for your message.

The password displayed in the TeamViewer application window is the Random Password for spontaneous access; this is the password you would provide a third party for one-time connection in to your machine. As a security standard, the password resets every time TeamViewer is shut down and re-opened.

For a device you connect to when no party is at the remote machine, you want to set a Personal Password for unattended access, this is done in the TeamViewer Security settings2019-01-28 11_22_32-Window.png

This password will not be displayed in the application (for security purposes), but you can use this password to connect to the device whenever you need to.

For additional security, you can even set the Random Password for spontaneous access to change after every session in the TeamViewer Advanced settings.

  • On Windows: Extras | Options | Advanced | Show Advanced | Advanced settings for connections to this computer | Random password after each session - set to Generate New
  • On Mac: TeamViewer | Preferences | Advanced | General | Random password after each session - set to Generate New

For more information on TeamViewer and passwords, check out this article!

Hope this helps!

Josh P.
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