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Posted by AlanW

screen sharing not working on Mac/IOS

I'm new to screenviewer, I've searched the forum for answers to this which relate to my problem but have found no solution.   Apologies in advance if I've missed something.

I've installed Team Viewer 12.0.82954 on MacOS 10.12.6.   I also have the current AppStore version of Team Viewer quick support installed on an iPAd running iOS 11.0.3.  So that'd seem I'm on the latest of everything.

My objective is to be able to see the iPad screen from the Mac.  I have a Team Viewer ID for both devices.  I've followed the video on recording the iOS screen and sharing it with Team Viewer, which appears to have worked on the iPAd but when I pass the Partner ID number generated to the mac, I'm told team viewer is not running. I've checked Screen Recording is active and shared with Team Viewer (in fact now it's started I can't seem to stop it without powering the iPad down)

I can't find anything in the support notes to give me a clue what I might be doing wrong beyond activating the recording on the iPad.

Help please!!! :-)