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How can I compare all my computers, vs all my backed up computers

I am trying to make sure that all the computers that need to be backed up with IT Brain Backup, are backed up. I have 271 computers showing in Teamviewer, but only 228 showing in ITBrain Backup. Ideally I could see a list of all computers in Teamviewer, with a simple checkbox showing whether it was backed up or not. 

A different method that would help is that since the list of All Computers in Teamviewer can be sorted by name, if the list of IT Brain backed up computers could be sorted by name, I could simply compare the two.  The list of backed up computers can't be sorted though.  

If I could export both lists to a CSV, then I could import to Excel and sort as well.  But I don't see a way to do that.  

Anyone with a solution?



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Re: How can I compare all my computers, vs all my backed up computers

Hello @ItGuylevel999,

We report the backup status on the ITbrain Backup dashboard, so you need to check the status on the several devices. We totally understand that it is not comfortable especially for customers with a large number of devices like you. We are currently working on the redesign of ITbrain Backup dashboard and your feedback will be very useful here. Will you like to collaborate with us for this on this improvement? You can give us your feedback on what you would improve in the current dashboard and how that will make you work efficiently with ITbrain Backup.

Please let us know let us know if you will like to be contacted for that.

Thank you for your support.