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Managing Notifications for ITbrain Monitoring

Set up email notifications

If a check triggers an alert, you will be notified by email. To do so, sign in the TeamViewer Management Console with your TeamViewer account and add a monitoring policy.


  1. Open the Manage monitoring policies dialog via ITbrain > Monitoring > Manage policies.
  2. Click on a monitoring policy.
  3. Click on a check, you want to receive email notifications for.
  4. Enter an email address in the Email notification field or select a user(press Space button at the end)
  5. Click on the Save button.

If a check, defined by the policy, triggers an alert, ITbrain will send an email notification to the defined email addresses .

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Re: Managing Notifications for ITbrain Monitoring

I have a monitoring policy with 10 checks and right now only I'm getting notified. How can I easily add two other users to get notified? Is my only option to go one by one?

Also, what's the recommended way to have different notifications for each group? I have 20+ groups (each group is a different client) and the notification requirements for each group are different. Does this mean I'll need 20+ monitoring policies?

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Re: Managing Notifications for ITbrain Monitoring

Hello @peelay,

Great questions!


Each monitoring alert manages its own notifications; therefore, if you have 10 alert parameters set up in a policy, you would need to edit each alert individually and add the additional emails.

In order to add additional emails, they must either be a) A user on your Company Profile (found in User Management) or b) a contact in your Computers & Contacts list.

In regards to the different notifications for each group; if each group monitors different parameters, and require different notification setups, unique policies would be required. You can, however, duplicate your policies to make the process a bit easier!

I hope this helps! 

Josh P.
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Re: Managing Notifications for ITbrain Monitoring

Can we manually push notification for endpoint to update the pc? Is it possible to do that?