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Trying to make ITbrain backup really usable

Hi there! My company was using AirBackup from years. We have many active remote hosts. Since AirBackup will dead, we are in a hurry to implement the same backup strategies with ITbrain, but we have many problems:

a) our users cannot install ITbrain if the host is not assigned to them but when assigned to them and installed ITbrain, it cannot be handled/shared with other users again. this make ITbrain backup unusable but by small companies!!

b) how can we restore ITbrain backup files to other hosts/endpoints if the original host/breakpoint is dead (hw or sw)? this is CRITICAL!!!

Please help us making your software useful.

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Posted by Remote Management Staff
Remote Management Staff

Re: Trying to make ITbrain backup really usable

Hi pscaffardi,

Thanks for the message. 

At this point the ITbrain agents are linked to an account. For security reasons this account is the one that will have full rights to install the agents and administer backups. These backups will be uploaded to the account.

With ITBrain backup you can restore data uploaded to any machine you are logged in. Even if the machine is no longer available the backup will be still in your account, you can restore it anytime.

We are working into having additional features regarding account assignment.

Thank you,

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Re: Trying to make ITbrain backup really usable

we already know how it works "at this point" but WE NEED TO KNOW:

a) when ITbrain endpoints could be shared/managed by other users like any other teamviewer account

b) how a backup could be restored to other machine?

Until point a) wont be implemented, the product is not useable by any company that have more users that do technical support to same remote machines. This is a BIG problem.