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Posted by iPOSS_Paul

Backed up data changed

When I change the backed up data by changing the path or backup type from quick selection to advance how long before the backed up data on the cloud is deleted?

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Posted by Remote Management Staff
Remote Management Staff

Re: Backed up data changed

Hi @iPOSS_Paul

Thanks for the message.

ITbrain Backup has a retention of 30 days since the last change of any files.If you will remove any files from the policy or files will be deleted from the system they will be stored for 30 days.The same applies for versions. If a new version of a file is backed up the old version will start counting 30 days and then ti will be deleted.

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Posted by iPOSS_Paul

Re: Backed up data changed


When you run out of backup space on the cloud and change the data being backed up you have to wait 30 days before the space is released from the cloud.  Will there be functionality to be able to manually delete data in the cloud?

Also is it / will it be possible to change the setup so that it doesn't keep the data for 30 days? e.g. if delete the data on the PC then it deletes it in the cloud without waiting for 30 days?  I see both options of keeping it for 30 days and deleting it immediately being valid options.

Thanks Paul...