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Posted by PMBChicago

Carte Blanche vs. Delta


We have software that already manages the backup logic for our files locally.  Is there a way for itbrain to just grab the file carte blanche and not also great the delta of the folder?

I.E.  We have three files that are 100 megs a piece, these files are written over with new backup data every hour for a total of 300 megs.  Is there a way to make the storage footprint stay at 300 megs?  The current Teamviewer backup logic has us at 3 gigs after 1 day.  I would like to keep the storage footprint as small as possible. 

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Posted by Remote Management Staff
Remote Management Staff

Re: Carte Blanche vs. Delta

Hi @PMBChicago


Thanks for the post. 

ITbrain Backup is a files and folders backup which will keep revisions up to 30 days for all file revisions. 

This is where the 3GB after 1 day might be. You could try to do many combinations with other file types from other programs but then you will have many revisions which will consume space. 

Our recommendation is to use ITbrian Backup only on specific files or folders you want to backup and take into account how often they are being changed by the system (versions) in order to have a clear understanding when to backup and how often depending on how important those versions of the files are. 

Using a backup its always about decisions regarding how often I need the file to be backed up based on how important is the file and how many times the file is changing. 

I hope this helps with your decisions regarding ITbrain Backup.

Product Owner, Remote Management services.