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Device serial number

where i can find device serial number?

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Re: Device serial number

Hi @D3M


Thanks for the post, 


You can find the device serial number in the Asset Management section in the Management Console. 

Once in the Asset Management Tab click on "Devices" tab select the computer and expand the row. 

On the right side under the "Hardware" category, the serial number, if available from the motherboard will be shown. 

We show the serial number for HDD/SSD. 


I hope this helped.


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Re: Device serial number

i need serial of HP

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Re: Device serial number

Hi Stanislav, 

We are also having a similar problem as @D3M 

We need to find out the serial number of the devices themselves rather than the hardware inside them.

This is so we can view warranty status etc. This feature would be really useful and was used on our previous monitoring software.

Any news on this?