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Posted by scotberrydsm

IT Brain - just bought the $10 special, can't get it installed!

IT Brain - just bought the $10 special, can't get it installed!  I actually wanted to protect THREE computers - the other two I am in TeamViewer sessions on and are on my computer list.

I attempted to activate, it showed 0 out of 3 computers activated, said I needed to uninstall McAffee, did so on the new computer I'm on, attempted again, now it only shows ONE computer (remote one) and prehaps IT has grabbed the one license???

I'm especially frustrated because TeamViewer itself was SO EASY.   What to do? (AND of course I want to get the other two computers for the $9.88 special which ends tomorrow!)

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Posted by Remote Management Staff
Remote Management Staff

Re: IT Brain - just bought the $10 special, can't get it installed!

Hi @scotberrydsm

In general, installing ITbrain Anti-malware is a straightforward operation if the system is clean and Previous solutions were uninstalled. 

Please make sure to reboot the systems after uninstalling McAfee, then go to the Contact list in TeamViewer, select the remote computer and click on Available services and activate ITbrain Anti-Malware. 

If the installation will not complete a message with a reason will be displayed. 

For more assistance, you could contact our support here



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