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ITBrain agent installing intermittently

I seem to have hit-and-miss success with deploying the ITBrain backup agent. I'll go through the motions to enable it, but it'll just never seem to install on some systems. Is this a known issue? The OSs vary from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

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Remote Management Staff

Re: ITBrain agent installing intermittently

Hi @PaulPhillips

Thanks for the post. 

Installation situations are somewhat difficult to troubleshoot without too many details and a bit of log investigation. 

My recommendation is to send us an e-mail and attach the logs collected by the support collector. Our colleagues form support will have a look and provide  the necessary steps to fix this situation

Support collector: http://download.teamviewer.com/SupportCollector

Support e-mail address: support@itbrain.com

There are some initial settings you can check as well: 

  • Check if port 443 is open. 
  • Check if any proxy settings are setup correctly in TeamViewer-> Options-> General 
  • Check if the Firewall is setup to allow ports: 9000,1000 and 11000 ( backup ports for localhost and external communication)

I hope this helps. 

Have a nice day

Product Owner, Remote Management services.