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ITbrain API?

Is there an API for ITbrain? The TeamViewer API (Docs) doesn't seem to include any monitoring functionality. Mostly, I'd like to be able to query and react to alerts.

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Senior Moderator

Re: ITbrain API?

Hello @amg_ccw,

Thank you for the post.

ITbrain does not currently offer an API for integrated use.


I will forward your suggestion to our product management. Such ideas are always welcome, although I can not promise when or if this feature will be implemented.

Nevertheless, your feedback is very important to us as we want to continue to develop ITbrain based on our user's needs and demands.

Thank you for your continued support of ITbrain.

Josh P.
Senior Moderator

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Posted by ErodriguezUnpag

Re: ITbrain API?

Hi Is there already an API for ITbrain? I'd like to be able to monitoring alerts. Thanks.

Posted by Remote Management Staff
Remote Management Staff

Re: ITbrain API?

Hi @ErodriguezUnpag

Thanks for the question. 

We will develop ITbrain API for alerts and other topics in the first half of 2019. 

Could you please post or send me a private message with How would you like to use API's in your context?

Product Owner, Remote Management services.