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ITbrain Activation

So for the company I work at I am trying to activate ITbrain on our computers. I want to activate it, but it prompts for the users password. Is there a way around this? I don't want to assign them specifically to me because they are assigned to the head IT guy here, and he has tasked me with doing this. I know I can get around the password if I assign the user's computer to me, but I want to avoid that since they should all be assigned to him. Thanks.

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Re: ITbrain Activation

Hello @hheath

I apologize for the delay in this response.

Currently, only the TeamViewer account shown in the endpoint's Account Assignment settings (Options | General | Account Assignment) can install ITbrain services on the device itself.

In the situation where multiple users manage, install, and maintain ITbrain endpoints, it is best to set up a 'Master Account', utilizing an email address all users have access to. This account would be the sole account all devices were assigned to, and would allow all necessary users the ability to install and maintain the ITbrain installations on all endpoints.

For more information regarding using a Master Account with TeamViewer, please click the following link: Using a Master Account with TeamViewer.

I will submit your feedback regarding allowing multiple users the ability to install ITbrain on endpoints associated with a company.

We appreciate the feature request, as we want to continue to develop ITbrain based on our user's needs and demands.

I will forward your suggestion to our product management.

Thanks again for reaching out to us!

Josh P.
Senior Moderator

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