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Posted by Remote Management Staff
Remote Management Staff

ITbrain - TeamViewer version requirements

ITbrain TeamViewer version requirements

In order to use the ITbrain services, you will need the following TeamViewer versions to be installed on the monitored device:

Monitoring and Asset Management

  • Windows: TeamViewer v8.0.30992 or later
  • Windows Server: TeamViewer v8.0.30992 or later


  • Windows: TeamViewer v9.0.38846 (or later) or TeamViewer v10.0.38388 (or later)
  • Windows Server: TeamViewer v9.0.38846 (or later) or TeamViewer v10.0.38388 (or later)


  • Windows: TeamViewer v11.0.64630 (or later) 
  • Windows Server: TeamViewer vv11.0.64630 (or later)

To view the alerts triggerd by any ITbrain service, you will need a TeamViewer full version or the TeamViewer Management Console as follows:

Product Owner, Remote Management services.