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Posted by TcoUpLoad

ITbrian malware dont see comodo but see avira! Any one know how to change that?


Recently I removed the antivra antivirus to install comodo antivirus, and today, when I tried to connect to my computer the application of the teamviewer showed me a warning that the antivirus was not installed or outdated. But if you try to install itbrain antimalware it shows that it has conflict with Comodo Antivirus. Is it possible for you to detect the antivirus or simply ignore the information?!

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Posted by Remote Management Staff
Remote Management Staff

Re: ITbrian malware dont see comodo but see avira! Any one know how to change that?

Dear @TcoUpLoad


Thanks for the post. 


The free check in TeamViewer will show if the Antivirus is not running or outdated in 2 conditions: 

- The Security solution installed could not get the updates or it is disabled. 

- The security solution installed is not updating the Security Center Integration from the Control panel ( WSC).  We get the information based on what it is written in the Security Center( Action Center, WSC) 

You could recheck the alert after 10 minutes or so. 

Check the status of the system security in Security Center of windows.  If the status is not true please contact the vendor of the Security solution for further details regarding this issue.


ITbrain Anti-malware will always not install if another security solution is installed and running on the system. Windows can support only one real-time protection solution for Security. 


I hope this helps, Cheers.

Product Owner, Remote Management services.