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Unable to see company monitored devices

Good day, 

I am having extreme difficulties working with IT Brain as far as managing and monitoring devices go. It is my responsibility to put together SLA reports however other technicians need to be able to access IT brain as well. Currently the problem I am having is that, I need to assign a device to my account before I can activate monitoring of the device. However then the other technician is unable to view the device. And vice versa applies. Currently 8/10 endpoints are active however only 6 are visible to me.. Why?

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Re: Unable to see company monitored devices

Hello @MatthewL,

Thank you for your post.

Currently, you can only see endpoints in your Computers & Contacts list when selecting 'Endpoints in Use'; however, if you have multiple techs that would need to see these devices, the best solution would be to share the groups where these devices reside to all necessary techs.

Once shared, any tech who has access to the shared group would see the endpoints contained within that group when selecting 'Endpoints in Use'.

For more information on sharing groups to other users, please click here.

I hope this helps! 

- Josh

Josh P.
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Re: Unable to see company monitored devices

Hi @MatthewL 


Thanks for the post. We had a small update a few weeks ago with the "Manage Endpoints" button at the top of the ITbrain Services pages. We will release soon and export function as well. 

Regarding Better management what @JoshP suggested is a good process for all supporters to have access. Also you could check the account permissions and make sure that everyone has access to ITbrain services in Account permissions. 

In the next months, we will work on improving the Management of endpoints workflow. What would you need to have a good overview and visibility for endpoints? 


Product Owner, Remote Management services.
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Posted by MatthewL

Re: Unable to see company monitored devices

Good day JoshP,

We make use of shared groups already, and are able to see each others groups and devices as well as connect to and make changes the devices. Yet the device still does not show up under IT Brain. I have given my fellow technicians "Full Control" rights yet it does not make any difference.


I did notice however that the cloud icon next to the group seems is different... When the cloud is blank we cannot see the monitored devices under IT Brain, and when it is black we can. What does this icon indicate and where do I change it? 

Thanks so far.

Posted by MatthewL

Re: Unable to see company monitored devices

Hi @Stanislav

The 3 technians that I am busy trying to get working are set as "Company Administrator" so they I cannot change any sub options.

I would really like it if the management interface is more user friendly in that I can have a grid / tiles with all the monitored devices. Also by clicking on each device if I can see an overview of all monitored features. 

Also a app for your cellphone would be great!

Kind Regards Matthew