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User permissions for GROUPS

When I share a group with a team member for full control, they are not able to enable IT Brain and Anti-Malware on the computers in that group.

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Re: User permissions for GROUPS

Hello @Safford-LLC,

Thanks for your post.

All computers for which you want to use ITbrain have to be added as end-points, and assigned to a TeamViewer account; only the assigned account may install ITbrain on the devices, as only that account has been authorized for Unattended Access to the device. 

Please be advised that, post-installation, all users with correct permissions on the Company Profile will be able to manage and affect all ITbrain endpoints; it is just the installations that must be done by a specific account. Due to this, if multiple techs are to perform ITbrain installations on to endpoints, I would recommend using a Master Account.

With a Master Account, set up to an email address that everyone has access to (I.e [department]@[companyname].com), so that anyone who needs to perform an install may log in to the account (and access the Trusted Device emails that will be sent to the email on file). This TeamViewer account would also be the account that creates all custom Host modules (custom Host modules created in the Design & Deploy tab of the Management Console automatically assign the devices to the creator's TeamViewer account).

This setup will ensure all new customers are set up and able to have ITbrain installed by anyone; for current devices, either the current assigned account would need to perform the installation, or the account assignment could be manually changed when connected to the specific endpoints.

I hope this helps! 

- Josh

Josh P.
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Re: User permissions for GROUPS

Hi @Safford-LLC

We will make some adjustment on the permission level to allow ITbrain customers with multiple supporters to collaborate easier and manage ITbrain endpoints without too much setup. 

We expect that this change will be live In about 3 months. 

It would be helpful if we can discuss for a few minutes how you are working with ITbrain to see if we will solve the right problems with our proposed improvements.  Please let me know if you would like to setup a short call with me to discuss these situations.

Product Owner, Remote Management services.
Posted by jenniem

Re: User permissions for GROUPS

Hi @Stanislav,

I am having a similar problem regarding group permissions and administering to Company owned groups that I have company administrator rights to. 

When are the changes likely to be made to allow company administrators and not just group owners to add devices to IT brain?


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Former Staff

Re: User permissions for GROUPS

Hello @jenniem,

As you might know, we do not communicate any feature release date in advance to our customers. We always inform the customers about what we are working on, mostly in our customer council. So you will be informed when the ability to allow company administrators and not just group owners to add devices to IT brain will be released. Please let us know if you are interested to join the ITbrain customer council.

Thank you for supporting ITbrain.

Posted by jritson

Re: User permissions for GROUPS

I stumbled on this thread after trying to understand why I can't see the devices that need ITBrain activated. While I understand the technical explanation, the business impact is problematic. For example, one of our employees (who did the initial ITBrain deployment) left for vacation today and we discovered that only he can do new deployments. Hopefully he won't get hit by a bus or fall in loive with a cocktail waitress and decide to quit his job. 

My hope is that you're working on a solution to this.