What alerts get sent from a server


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What alerts get sent from a server

We're looking at ITbrain Monitoring and saw this message come up when we closed TeamViewer: "ITbrain monitoring will not be able to report alerts"

What alerts are emailed out when monitoring is done on a server where no one is logged in?

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Re: What alerts get sent from a server

Hi @NeilN


Thanks for the post. 

ITbrain needs TeamViewer Service to be running in order to communicate and send alerts to the servers, which in turn send you e-mails and display the alerts in the Management Console. 

You need to make sure that TeamViewer is installed as a service and once you close the application interface or Logout it will still work in the background. 

Alternatively, you can use TeamViewer host which is specifically designed for unattended use and will always work in the background with a service running. 

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