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[ANDROID] Keyboard shortcut/mapping improvements

G'day all,

[First, huge thanks to the TV devs for this brilliant, countless-hours-saving program!]

I've just tried controlling my Samsung S7 with my Windows 10 laptop via TV for the first time and it's been superb just like PC-to-PC remotes. Even after five minutes it's already much better than the other remotes I've tried (APowerMirror, Samsung SideSync). I think it could be improved by supporting more general keyboard shortcuts for text editing, e.g.:

  • SHIFT + LEFT/RIGHT: select previous/next character(s)
  • SHIFT + UP/DOWN: select text from current-line X coordinate to previous/next line at the same X coordinate (tricky to explain, hope y'know what I mean 🙃)
  • CTRL + SHIFT + LEFT/RIGHT: Select previous/next string(s)
  • CTRL + BACKSPACE: Delete previous whole word
  • ALT + SHIFT + TAB: Same as the working ALT + TAB but in reverse

I have some hope that implementing these isn't too tricky since CTRL + A and ALT + TAB already work.

Also, some customisation options I think would be great:

  • F1–F12 / CTRL + F1–F12 can be mapped to trigger:
    • Screen on/off
    • Launch app
    • Media track play/pause
    • Media track next/previous
    • Media track fast forward/rewind
    • Volume up/down
    • Emulate Back/Home/Menu button
    • etc.
  • ALT + TAB only affects host OS (Yes/No)
  • ALT + TAB works immediately after the remote Android device regains focus from the host OS (Yes/No)
  • ALT + ENTER to send text message can be set to CTRL + ENTER or SHIFT + ENTER (I'm used to CTRL + ENTER for Mozilla Thunderbird)

Not too much to ask? ;-) Apologies if these have already been implemented somehow and I've missed them or if this is a repeat request. I really appreciate what you've done with the program and hope it continues to improve.

Thanks for your time and regards from Australia!

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Re: [ANDROID] Keyboard shortcut/mapping improvements

I would like add to this post my case.
To many times I uses my android phone to do small things on my pc, in the public bus, metro, etc. And its wonderful.
currently I am trying to use a physical keyboard connected to my android phone, but this keyboard doesn't have the ESC or F1-F12 keys.... so, i'm using windows because with native android i can't do it, and without these keys the keyboard its almost pointless.

Its be nice if I can map this keys with a combination or can add in the screen of the phone.

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Re: [ANDROID] Keyboard shortcut/mapping improvements

Agreed.  Actually I think any key should be remappable to any other key/key combination.  Something like a mini-version of AutoHotkey; just your and my requests to start with would be a huge improvement.  I am a programmer and cannot understand the difficulty/hesitance for doing this TBH.  Please, TV!  I'm begging you.  :D