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Add more trusted device authorization details

Hi TV team!

I've send this request/idea to your support few times in the past, but nothing changed, so I'll try to push it through community.

I would really love to see the "Device authorization needed" e-mail to have more usefull details. If I request authorization myself and for me, then the quantity of deatils is not critical. But in multi-user scenario the only REAL identifier of Device ID means absolutely nothing to other team members. The ID of computer from Zimbabve and from US can be the same, so it means nothing to human in regards of recognition.

Why not add some REAL identification details? Like:

  • Computer NAME and DOMAIN
  • Computer LAN IP
  • Computer WAN IP, resolved to FQDN ( I can recognize ISP)

Having those details in Authorization e-mail I would be more certain that the requestin computer is the one to be trusted. Of course, any info could be faked, but the combination off all above is very unlikely to be fake & seem real to me at the same time.