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Automatic updating of TeamViewer QuickSupport

I think it would be invaluable to have the ability for QuickSupport to automatically update itself.

Countless times, and I'm sure others can relate to this, the end user is either not technically proficient enough or not available at the remote machine to manually update the QuickSupport to the latest version every time there is an impromptu update.  Goodness knows the terminology alone scares non-technical people into panic mode.  I also don't install full-fat TeamViewer as it can be used to make outgoing connections by meddlesome end-users - I only want it to accept incoming connections from my machine.

When versions mismatch a connection is not allowed (ie There is no fall-back to a mutually compatible protocol to allow any remote updates) which ultimately scuppers any attempt at remote support without either waking someone up to either update the software at the remote site or instructing said non-technical customer to do so (ouch!), driving or attending the remote site in-person (which defeats the whole point of remote support in that instance.)

I am currently sat at a machine, unable to connect to the remote machine, so I now have to attend, which means I can perform the task without the need for QuickSupport on this occasion.  I can't imagine how admins with multiple sites feel about this.

I always wondered that, in the situation where support is required, the remote update is needed before remote support can commence... Almost self-defeating.

Can you please, please, please add self-updating functionality to QuickSupport?

I am sure a great many people would immensely appreciate this feature.

(Sidenotes, aka "While I'm here" :
1. The textareas on your site seem to be monopolised by Javascript - This is a bind for functionality and ultimately unneeded - I don't make things more complicated than they need to be as it detracts from stable, predictable, intuitive behaviour.
2. The 'Labels' bit on the right of the post creation page - You've provided a text field for typing anything where only the list of 8 tags underneath must be selected - Why is this not a list of radio buttons?  I got the error 'An error has occurred whilst...' which suggests not enough error detection code, this whilst textareas are needlessly scripted. Strange way of doing things.)