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Integrated Team Viewer for a Seamless Collaborative User Experience


This year, we have launched which is the world's first integrated and connected marketplace where businesses can Connect, Collaborate, Contribute and Procure (through a universal EDI APIs).  The focus is on facilitating day to day business activity.  Our users use Conversations to message each other through the various hats they have in their professional and personal life.  

We have identified that screen sharing is a vital part of meeting, sharing ideas and collaborating. is built on a foundation of trust and as such users and companies in the platform are already connected to each other within a security context.

We see a very big opportunity for TeamViewer to be integrated into the trust framework where users within a Conversation can simply click on an icon and instantly host a session without session or meeting ids. would charge users a fee for the service based on time consumption and number of participants.  We see that subscription for TeamViewer could be automated through connected relationships.

Do you think TeamViewer could be capable of this functionality and if so, who is the best person to discuss this with?

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TeamViewer Staff

Re: Integrated Team Viewer for a Seamless Collaborative User Experience

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your inquiry. I will ping you via mail to discuss this in detail.



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