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Mac Migration Assistant across the web with TeamViewer?

Hi All. First post from a newbie. Have been using TV for quite a while to sort out my Father's odd problems and installs remotely (he's in the UK, I'm in the Channel Islands). He's making a space-saving change from an aged Mac Pro tower to a new Mac Mini which he's had delivered here for me to set up for him (and then post across). Has anyone tried using the Mac Migration Assistant across the web to remotely migrate the 'personal' data and settings from one machine to a new one? I'd like to be able to drag everything from his old machine onto the new Mini remotely if I can - would save an airfare to go over and do it in situ. If so,  how did you do it? Any help or suggestions very welcome.


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Re: Mac Migration Assistant across the web with TeamViewer?

Hi @chrisbeeching,

I hope I understand your case studies. 2 separate Macs: the old one in England and the new one near you.

First hypothesis: if on the old PC the Apple cloud backup function was active, you can proceed with the migration starting from the last backup. In this case TeamViewer should not be used.

Second hypothesis: it is necessary to proceed with the creation of a backup (Time Machine) that will be subsequently stored on your machine. TeamViewer in this case will serve you to help your dad create the copy, but I imagine the big problem may be where to place the copy for reasons of space. Three alternatives:

1-  Apple cloud if it remains within a certain threshold;

2 - Apple cloud if you decide to subscribe to a fee and increase this threshold;

3 - external disk in other cases, but after you will have to make sure to receive this disk or copy the contents of the cloud again. Using TeamViewer to transfer a large amount of data may not be the best choice, but it is possible. Otherwise you will need to use a third-party repository on the cloud to publish and then download the backup. (Google Drive?). Or... have the disk sent by courier.

My suggestion is: go to visit your dad ... in any case I imagine it can please both. Obviously brought behind the new PC. Connect the two PCs with a network cable or use the wireless network to take advantage of the Migration Assistant function.

I hope this can help you.


Domenico Langone
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