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Notification for remote sesion


Is there any way to receive email or push notifications or something when someone connects to a Teamviewer Host I installed on a server?

We would like to install teamviewer host and be able to receive a notification whenever someone connects to that host, for security reasons.

Is this possible?

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Re: Notification for remote sesion

Hello @Noam,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set up a notification every time a device connects to your Host.

However, as you mentioned your interest for more security, I recommend you to whitelist your users for your Host, so you make sure only users you trust connect to your Host devices.

You will find all the information you need here:

You can even deploy your whitelists via TeamViewer policies.

This gives you the power to have centralized security management of your Host devices from your administrator account.

I hope this answer was helpful.

We wish you a pleasant rest of the day.



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