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Payed yearly/one-time private licence as an option to free private licence


I'd love to have a one-time or yearly private licence, as an option to free private licence, for not having the pop-up box. That way you'd get a small revenue from that too. I thinke a lot of geeks like me that help out firends and family and that maybe administatetes mulitble private machines would love that option. At least when using the install version. Friends/family that use the Quick support could still get the pop-up when disconnecting.

The licence should be easy to implement on new pomputers by adding the computers to your account. I'm also ok with a limit to maybe 25 computers. If you have more, you have to remove unused computers else you'll have to buy another licence to add more computeres or the rest vil get the pop-up on their side.

I'd have no problem paying $ 9.90 a year or lifetime for a limited number of computers.

You already have algorithm to check for business use, so if someone miss use the licence they will get caught.


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Re: Payed yearly/one-time private licence as an option to free private licence

I joined this forum for this exact same reason. I want to play fair, but with an amount of money I can afford.

I'd love if the TV team had a yearly payment or a PayPal account where people could pay what they deem fair for their occasional business use.