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Playing Recorded Sessions

I sometimes use the ability to record some TeamViewer remote control sessions to a .tvs-file for archiving and later reviewing, e.g. for taking some screenshots for documentation afterwards.

Some of those sessions are quite long (up to 1 or 2 hours), which makes it really hard to find some specific points in the recording.

It is nice to have the slider-bar on top, to hop through the session and jump to some points. But in long sessions, the slider is too "nervous", it is hard to find a specific point. So:

Suggesion 1: Allow a wider slider bar! Why is the slider so short? If it would use the whole screen width (like in Windows Media Player) it would be much easier to find a certain point!

Suggesion 2: Why is the slider only working while the recording is playing? Why can it not be used in paused mode? When I use the recording to take screenhots, I would like to use the slider to find the point, then I have to pause, take screenshot, and then play again to use the slider for the next point. Would be much easier if slider would be working with a paused playback.

Suggestion 3: I would like to use shortcuts in the keyboard to hop through the playback. For example Arrow Keys Left+Right to jump 1 second, Page Up+Down to jump 10 seconds, or Shift+Page Up+Down to jump 30 seconds. Would be much easier to find the perfect snapshot.

Suggestion 4: Windows Media Player stops the video, when clicking in the video player window, YouTube behaves the same. Would be helpful when finding a snapshop.

Suggestion 5: Perfect would be, if Ctrl+C would create a screenshot of the current still image of the playback.

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Re: Playing Recorded Sessions


Add an feature to take marks e.g. bookmarks at several times during the recorded file and option to jump to those

Add this features to the teamviewer-Playback and as well to the blizz-Payback ;-)

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Re: Playing Recorded Sessions

The record sesion capability is such an awsome feature. If TV could improve as you suggested it would be even more valuable. Exporting to a usable file format seems insanly slow.

To add to others comments : (my top three are)
1. Improve playback scrubbing (make fast and intuitive, ie Youtube vidoes )
2. add ability to mark and notate parts of a clip and ideally export only parts I want
3. develope or license tvs standalon player/editor