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Prepaid pay-per-use option for customers of OEM suppliers

As OEM suppliers we use TeamViewer for connection by remote of machinery installed by customers. This way we give technical service. Pilot can extend this service with audio and video so that we can see and talk with on-site technicians and give suggestions. Provided that smart glass support is fundamental and it is still missing, there is another proposal to help OEM use TV+Pilot.

TV+Pilot give the chance to connect to remote customers, however every company still has the problem of getting paid for the provided service.

It would be interesting to develop a connection platform that foresee a pay-per-use system (an “x” amount for a “y” time) possibly with prepaid system so that only customers that already paid can access the system.

The amount to be paid should include both a fee for the connection service provided by TV and a pre-defined amount for the supplier of the technical service (OEM in our case).

When TV is paid for the total amount, TV pays the OEM or service supplier of the pre-defined amount so that both are already paid in advance and the customer has the right to connect for the prepaid time.

This would help a lot all OEM suppliers and extend a lot the use of TV+Pilot.

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