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Shortcut for File Transfer


I would like to suggest a feature for file transfer:

Background: I am currently able to use the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of TeamViewer to synchronize two folders; one of which is located on a local computer and the other one is located on a remote computer.

Suggested Feature:

With this feature, one is able to create a shortcut on the desktop (or any desired path) on the local computer in order to perform folder synchronization without using the GUI of TeamViewer. The shortcut should do the following:

  1. Launch the TeamViewer software
  2. Authenticate the user without prompting for username and password (since the user is authenticated when they created the shortcut)
  3. Execute folder synchronization between the local computer and the remote computer
  4. Handle possible events such as intermittent connections and possible file corruption
  5. Close the TeamViewer software once the job is complete.


Please also consider the following when creating the shortcut:

  1. Include options to run the job in the background
  2. Include options to turn off desktop notifications
  3. Save a log file of the above tasks and events


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