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Simplified Client Interface for TV 12 Linux

One of the reasons we upgraded to TV 12 is the new Simplified Client Interface, it's much better than the clunky 'multi-window' interface.

However, to our surprise, this feature is not (yet) available on the Linux version of TV 12.

We understand that Linux is not Teamviewer's largest customer base, but we would really like it if the Simplified Client Interface could also be implemented for the Linux version of TV 12.

Thanks in advance.

Btw, keep up the good work! We love using Teamviewer to help our customers, and TV is getting better with every major version!

Linux Version: 12.0.69753

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Re: Simplified Client Interface for TV 12 Linux

Hi sarchitect,

Thank you very much for sending us these Feature Requests.

I will forward your suggestion to our product management team.

Such ideas are always welcome, although we can not promise when or if this Feature will be implemented.

Decisions for new features are mainly based on customer's suggestions.

Nevertheless, your feedback is crucial to us, as we want to continue to develop TeamViewer-based on our user's need.

We will be happy to inform you about the realization of this feature.

Best regards,




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