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Standalone TV APP - Window position - contact list not quite visible

I have opened 1 sesion in tab.
I want to open second session, so I go to the contact list and filter my client name.

What I see ?

.... not entire list of contacts, part of the window (contact list) is out of the lower area of desktop (it is not visible).

So I moved the window, and opened the second connection.

But I wanted to open third and fourth connection.
And here I was a bit irritated.

Every time  TeamViewer was moving ContactListWindow  to the wrong position!

Whether Is it so difficult to calculate the correct position for ContactListWindow
And in principle why this window is moved at all?

Feature Request:
When I move the ContactListWindow to the left (TogetherWithMainWindow), I want there to have been constantly in this place, until closing my local system.


mLipok , AutoIt MVP

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