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Posted by TeamViewer Star
TeamViewer Star

TeamViewer Environment tester

Recently I create this idea:

Please make "TeamViewer Environment tester"

I should  be run on both side Remote and Local to check If Host/Remote and Supporter/Local station meet "TeamViewer technicall needs"

I would like to see test for:

  1. "connection speed" via TeamViewer "tunel"=="Connection"
  2. "ping" via TeamViewer "tunel"=="Connection"
  3. Remote/Local CPU speed 
  4. Remote/Local GFX acceleration speed (acceleration used by TeamViewer)
  5. Remote/Local "ping" to the "user choosen" host
  6. Remote/Local "download speed" to the "user choosen" URL == internet hosted file

This will bring users possibility to check whether their work environment is sufficient.


This is in relation to this post:


mLipok , AutoIt MVP

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