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TeamViewer free version personal changes to expired trial if a licensed user connects too many times

I have my father-in-law using his personal laptop to access his personal desktop at home for personal use. I have a paid TV Premium license that I use for work, and to support him for free. If I connect to his free version a certain number of times, it changes HIS free version to an expired trial, stating he needs to buy a license.

According to your own "free for personal use" policy, NO, **he** does not need a license, because HE still uses it for personal use only.

Here is some background:

I already reported this in case "[#3369454]: Your TeamViewer feedback (TvClient en v12.0.81460  848014039)" The response was "Your end users download TeamViewer as personal, and the software recognizes that you are remoting in commercially using your licensed so it creates a tally in the background. In turn if you remote often into your end users it creates a trial, that at some point will expire. Once it expires it does NOT affect you in any way, they may be limited with using the software to make outgoing connections."

That response is 100% unacceptable. YES, it DOES affect me, because I now haev to explain why their free version expired. **I HAVE A LICENSE** and it should NOT kill a personal user's free license just because I used a paid version to help that user.

The only workaround is to have them exit their personal TV, use my QuickSupport, then restart their TV when I am done.