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Teamviewer Assignment Tool

Since the new Teamviewer Version the Registry Key "Auto Join" to specify the Group the Computer should join in Teamviewer, will be ignored.

Now you released the Teamviewer Assignment Tool to be able to Automaticly assign a Group...but this tool is actually kinda useless.

If i create a personalised Teamviewer Installation, in Order to be able to use the Assignment Tool i need to specify a Group this Computer needs to Join and a API Token will be created and the assignment tool works like it should...

2017-03-14 14_45_38-TeamViewer Management Console.png


BUT....if i want that, with this personalised Installation but a different API Token, to let the Computer join a different Group.. its not possible...the Computer will always join the Group that was Assigned while personalisation.

We are using an Software deployment Tool (Baramundi) to install Teamviewer on our clients, it is really dificult to handle 10 different Installations all the time. The Goal would be to make 1 Installation and work with variables to let the Computer join the Group that is releated to the specific company, by using the API Token that is created for that Group.


Is there anyway to fix that or maybe i am just to dumb to find the correct solution for that