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connection confirmation

If iam connecting to our work PC, where in same time work physicaly my co-worker (not someone, who is too connected remotely, so i can "look over his shoulder" and i dont know that iam doing this, because PC mouse is relaxed righ now, next remote connection i can see on PC screen, its not problem), i know, that exists function, where i can agree with remote connection (what is problem to agree with if there is no someone working, because of midnight, PC runs 24 hours a day). Why do not exists function (maybe exists), which counts idle time for physical work on PC (not remote work), if there is someone working right now (or in some time interval before - 30 minutes for example), then show 2 mesages on both PC`s (on remote connection side "someone is trying to connect, allow connection immediately ?", on other side "someone is physicaly working on target PC right now, next free connection will be possible after xx minutes, wait 1 minute for immediate connection allow " - next connection time calculated from actual iddle time on remote PC for physical work minus set iddle time on remote PC for physical work on). It will be less upsetting for both sides of connection. If there will be no confirmation of immediate connection in one minute, or direct rejection - so next message sent back with information - i will know that next possible connection time will be after XX minutes. If there will not be next physical work in intermediate time on remote PC, next connection wil be direct with no confirmation. Or person trying to connect on our PC in case of rejection and urgent need to connect (what is not happening) can call me over phone.